2022 Preschool Fair Is Celebrating 2nd Virtual Fair

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Loveland Macaroni KID December 27, 2021

The Fair Has Gone Virtual!

With the ongoing COVID concerns and the new variants arising we feel that another Virtual Fair is the way to go. 

This has been a very popular event for families looking to begin their child's educational journey. 

If you are ready to begin your search for your Childs preschool or maybe you want to change schools this is the best time to investigate several schools in one place and ask all the questions you have. We have a great article with Top 40 Questions To Ask Prospective Preschools & Private Schools

Looking for sports or other family resources? We have local businesses that offer music, sports, city and state resources for families of all kinds too. 

Visit our online Preschool fair here January 10th through February 28th. We will have live and recorded videos of schools, resources and businesses January 24th through January 28th 2022. 

We will have our updated Preschool Guide available January  22nd, 2022.

Are A Business Looking to connect with local families? 

Links are live again!

Want an easy place to meet many families at one time? 

This is the place! 

We invite you to participate as a sponsor in the virtual event, located on our Facebook pages.  The Fair is free to the public and is a community service offered by Fort Collins Macaroni Kid to bring parents searching for a preschool together with representatives from a variety of local preschools.  We also promote this event as a parent resource fair for families with children of all ages, interested in finding information on camps, local indoor & outdoor education and adventure, music/sports/art lessons, health, any resource etc.


 Are you ready? 

Register here.

Find details, and fill out registration online here.   

Links are live again!

If you need further information, please contact Preschool Fair Coordinator Melissa Shrader at, or by phone at (970)310-3360.

This has been an incredibly valuable event that parents look forward to year after year. It's a tradition.