2023 Summer Reading Challenges From Local Library And Beyond.

Find a program that fits your child.

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid May 22, 2023

Keeping the summer slide at bay is key especially this summer for most students.

You can find summer reading programs at the Libraries, Old Firehouse Books, Barnes & Noble to keep your reading skills on track and prevent the summer slide. You can also find Local Stores that have workbooks to keep you on track like Learning Express (Fort Collins) or Knowledge Bound (Windsor). There are some online programs for preschool through High School that offer incentives too! 

Our favorite is summer reading at the library. We also do this with a workbook or two that interests us. 

Local Libraries are KING at summer reading programs and rewards are a free book (sometimes more) for completing the requirements.

Find Your Local Library Reading Challenge!

Clearview Libraries in Windsor/Severance 

With the theme All Together Now, we bring friendship, kindness, and community to the heart of summer for all ages. Our 2023 Summer Adventure Program runs from May 30 to July 29, with a special kick off event on May 30, in the Windsor-Severance Library parking lot.

Summer is the best time to celebrate the joy of reading and connect with our community. Get involved and enjoy events for all ages and play Bingo to win prizes!

On May 30, when Summer Adventure Program begins, we’ll email registered participants access to their very own Bingo card. Your Bingo card will have a variety of reading and activity-based challenges for you to complete all summer long! Bingo cards can be printed at home or picked up at the Windsor-Severance Library or on our bookmobile. Your Bingo card will include complete instructions and will detail how and when you can receive prizes and grand prize entry details.

Please visit our events website for more programming information.

Loveland reading program

The Loveland Public Library Summer Learning Program (SLP) is designed for people of ALL ages to continue exploring throughout the summer and foster a joy of learning.

Participants are invited to Read, Make, Inspire and Explore to log points that can be used to win prizes and enter in raffles. Building on traditional Summer Reading programs, the Summer Learning program recognizes that all types of learning are important. Summer is a great time for self-directed reading and learning that leads to improved comprehension, helps overcome opportunity gaps through high-quality, hands-on programs, and fosters social and emotional development. The Library provides opportunities for our community to be inspired, ask questions, and discover new things. This year's program begins June 1st. 

Keep an eye out for details at 

Poudre Libraries reading program 

Poudre River Public Libraries Summer Adventure Program has made a change! There's a new platform. They have moved their reading program, you can either use Beanstack on the web or Beanstack Tracker App. The app is available through Apple App store and Google Play. 

You can still go screen free. There will be printed materials available at your local Poudre River Public Library or you can download from the website starting May 22nd. 

This year it's set up as a Bingo-Style Challenge Format. STEM is the name of the game! Art, writing, mental health and reading will earn you squares. 

For every row, column or diagonal Bingo you achieve, you will receive a small reward at any library location (while supplies last). Kids tweens, and teens who complete the entire Bingo challenge will receive a free book. Adults who complete the challenge will receive a summer reading tote bag!

Berthoud Community Library Dist.

This year's Summer Learning theme is "All Together Now", and with that we have something for every learner to participate in, no matter the age. Summer Learning officially begins on June 1st.

While reading is very important, we understand that not everyone learns the same way. So instead of only having reading as a choice to earn prizes, your child/teen has the option to do a project instead!

Kids, tweens, and teens can register online and download the Summer Learning booklet, then participate in events, make projects, and have a fun and educational experience this summer! Adults can pick up a punch card at the front desk to track the books they read. When the card is full you can turn it in for a drawing for a chance to win the grand prize. 

Check out all the events we have for kids, tweens, and teens.

If you have any questions feel free to ask the front desk staff members or call (970) 532-2757

Glenn A Jones Johnstown & Milliken

Students may have turned in all of their school books but that doesn’t mean their minds should shut down for the summer!   

The Glenn A. Jones M.D. Memorial Library has created a fun and entertaining summer reading program that will keep kids learning during their break from school.  We will be kicking off our “All Together Now” reading program May 22nd. The programs are open to children —and adults — of all ages. Sign up starts May 22nd!, @GlennAJonesFB 

Wellington Public Library

The Summer Reading Program starts June 1st!
Registration begins May 22nd!
If your child is too young to read, you can read to them!

Click on this link to sign up for the program, and check our website for up-to-date information on summer programs such as Mad Science, Story Bakers Improv, African Drum and Dance, and all the great prizes we will have available!

Register HERE starting May 22nd! All ages welcome to participate.

Download and print bingo card logs for all ages here, or pick them up at the library! Once the Summer Reading Program begins, you can complete these sheets and turn them in for prizes.

Red Feather Public Library

Starting May 23rd, READ, mark the log, then turn your reading logs in for PRIZES.
Reading logs are available at the links below and at the RFL library.
Logs must be turned in by August 10th!
Books read since May 1st count.   (download the ages 0-3 log)  (download the ages 4 – 7 reading log)
(download the ages 8 – 12 reading log)  

 After completing three levels, Teens will be entered into drawings for gift card prizes on August 12th.
Download Teen Reading Logs

After completing three levels, Adults will be entered into drawings for gift card prizes on August 12th.
Download Adult Reading Logs
We will have a carnival and do the drawing for the big prize to celebrate the end of the Summer Reading Program on August 12th.

Ault Public Library 

Join our Summer Reading Program starting May 21st! How you may ask?

1. Sign Up

Click here to sign up or come into a library and get started starting on May 21st.

2. Log
Get your log when you sign up in the library or print one here starting May 21st.

3. Read
When you read, you can check off, color in, or track your reading using the handprints on your log.
How much reading for each handprint? Depends how old you are!
Age 0-4: Read 10 minutes
Age 5-8: Read 15 minutes
Age 9+: Read 25 minutes

4. Do Fun Stuff
There are activities on your log! Finish one, then cross out, color in, check off, punch a hole through—do WHATEVER to track your activities!

5. Prizes
Each bubble is one point. Each sea creature is one point.
10 points = Prize #1
20 points = Prize #2
30 points = Prize #3, and you finished!
Prizes will be ready starting May 28th, and they’ll be gone August 13th.

6. Still Having Fun?
You can get 50 points for the summer! If you get all 50, you’re an amazing reader, and we’ve got a special prize waiting for you.

Scavenger Hunt
Have fun finding a list of things at home, outside, and in the library! Click here for the map.


Click here for all the cool events we have set up this year!

Estes Valley Library - Wander the World

Welcome to Summer Reading! From May 25 through July 31, readers of all ages are celebrating the joy of reading while exploring global stories and international cultures.

Join us by tracking your reading and attending themed programs. Here’s how to get started:

Choose your category above: Adult, Tween/Teen, Middles or Littles.
Download the Beanstack app
Read happily, whatever you choose! Listening to books counts too. Borrow books from our collection, check out the e-books through Hoopla or Libby, and download audio books with your Library card.
Earn prizes as you tally your reading time and complete our fun reading challenges.

DIY Summer Reading Program

Just as an FYI. You can create your own summer reading incentive and reward program. Create a list of books that can be earned as they achieve a level you desire them to be at by a designated period of time. Pick out some great incentives possibly a great backpack for your final prize at the end of summer just in time to go back to school. A special night out doing something they truly love. I recommend a step program. Begin your program with easy-to-read books with things that interest your child. Something that will make them feel challenged but give them a running start and confidence (do maybe 2 or 3 books at this level). Give a small reward. I suggest a book or do a chart with stars as an incentive. Then step it up to a little tougher and do 2-3 books again unless you have an avid reader. Then bump it up by another 2 or 3.  Again another reward and again keep it small. Then for the last month do something challenging but still manageable. Don't do something that will make them lose confidence or stride. If the difficulty can't be raised. Keep it the same but add another 2-3 books and reward with another small reward. Save the big reward for when the full set of books through the summer is completed. After reading 6-9 books any kid would feel accomplished and ready for the next year. Be sure to not overdo it. You don't want to burn your child out before going back to school, just keep them on track and engaged.

Book Stores

Barnes & Noble

This great program is for all ages. Kid's journals are available for grades 1st to 6th in English and Spanish at Barnes & Noble or online. Information for Educators. Program runs July 1st to August 31st.  Participants must read 8 books, tell what their favorite part is and why. Then they can return the book journal to Barnes & Noble and choose one book from a list of books as a reward! All stores participate, 2 closest ones are The Promenade Shops at Centerra 5835 Sky Pond Drive, Loveland 80537 and South College Ave 4045 S College Fort Collins 80525. For more details visit Barnes & Noble web page (scroll to the bottom for information)

Old Firehouse Books - isn't holding a summer reading program this year. See Poudre River Libraries for their summer program.

Online Reading Programs:

Books A Million 

Will give you a Diary of a Wimpy Kid backpack when you read any 4 books from this summer reading adventure section. Use their journal.

Scholastic Read-a-palooza

This summer reading challenge runs from May 4h through September 7th. Enjoy some fun things on the Scholastic site for kids and adults. Tips for parents and educators for summer reading. Join Home Base app full of games and reading for your kids. You'll find downloadable information and trackers along with some great reading resources on the Scholastic site. 

Colorado Reading Center

offers a great program for school-age kids. If your child is behind due to dyslexia, comprehension, spelling, writing or just because of this crazy year. They offer online tutoring and support.

Intensive writing summer camp At Colorado Reading Center

If your kids love to write or need a little help in this area the intensive writing summer camp is wonderful.

PBS has wonderful resources for parents.

  From reading to emotions and everything in between, PBS has activities, stories, and games for kids. PBS offers articles and more for parents to help with emotions and more too! If your young reader loves Super Why this is a great program for reading! 

Pressbook offers some great tips for the teachable moments and songs to support the early childhood learning and reading  skills of this summers reading programs Libraries Rock! 

Junie B Jones Book Club 

is a great way to get your kids reading! This site offers games, activities, virtual books, insight into characters and author, kids club, reviews, and something for parents and teachers too! Register any time.

Pizza Hut Camp Book It

Register and read for a variety of programs sponsored by Pizza Hut. They offer summer reading, The Literacy Project, National Young Readers Week, Give Me 20 for early childhood readers, and Book It! Book it is specifically for kids 13+. Kids can get free audiobooks! 

Summer Camp Reading Program

REGIS University - - Based in Denver for kids from preschool to 12th grade. This is a proven curriculum from the Regis University and taught by professional instructors from the Institute of Reading Development. Each grade level has a camp set for them. Flexible schedules, weekly one-hour classes, and short structured assignments make it simple for your child to grow as a reader and student over the summer.

Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese will give 10 free Play Points (with food purchase) for 2 weeks of reading every day! Use their calendars to track progress for reading and other goal oriented tasks year round. Being a super student, Super Sport, Great Listener, doing homework and chores too! 25 calendars and awards for your kids on their webpage. Greeley location is currently the closest to us. 

AudioFile SYNC Summer Audiobook program 13+

What is SYNC? It's a free summer audiobook program specifically for teens 14+.
How does it work? SYNC offers kids two thematically paired audiobooks each week. The titles drop every Thursday at midnight Eastern time through the summer.

More Online

Star Fall - is geared to early reading K-2nd grade. Math is also available and there is an option for Educators and Homeschool. There are Free downloads and paid subscriptions.

Speakaboos - For Grades K to 2nd. Has Free trial and monthly or yearly memberships. Educator, school district, and Parent options.

Spelling City - For Grades K-12. Has options for Parents, Educators, School district, & Homeschool with memberships. This program expands vocabulary through games, & reading. This site offers resources such as tutorials for parents, teachers, homeschool, etc.

Reading Eggs – For kids 2-13. Reading and math. This site does assessments to see where your child is in his or her reading and math journey and helps them grow to the next level filling in gaps and helping them grow confident. 

Book Adventure- helps with comprehension not just reading. They have quizzes similar to AR book tests. They have text to speech quizzes for young readers and EEL students. They have an accelerated reader for home and school use. They are also a certified Lexile partner. Unique to this program is a writing lesson. Built in rewards for kids to keep them motivated. 

Scholar Within is a reading program for kids K-8. They offer Homeschool a Summer reading program and so much more. Help Your Kids Become Strong, Confident Readers, Improve reading speed with their research-Proven reading fluency training. Learn effective reading comprehension strategies. Read fun and engaging reading passages. Learn how to easily take notes. Learn to spell accurately and confidently with spelling patterns. Improve planning and time-management skills with their program. 

Ways to get free books:

Check them out at your library: It’s a great way to have access to thousands of great books and you don’t have to keep them. If you really like a book you can always buy it but most of us who love to read would have thousands of books at home if we kept everything we’ve ever read. If you do this during the summer reading programs many of the prizes are free books! 

Book Crossing is a great web page that connects readers with books that have been “released into the wild”, so to speak. It’s free to join and the potential is endless. It covers over 132 countries so you can get books in other languages from other cultures. The cool part is that it is simple. Have a book you want to release? Easy, Get a Kit, Register the ID# (they will give you) then list it and let it go. There are different levels to participate in but the basic is free.

We all know about Kindle and this article explains how to access free books through different sources.

Not to Be left out. Nook offers a free e-book app.

Borrowing or trading with friends is always popular but as we get a bit older we forget about this one.

Audiobooks can be downloaded for free also. This article gives several to check into.

Ok We all Know Dolly Parton no matter your age. From country music to philanthropy she has done it all. You can get books from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. She offers books to kids 0-5 and has a tremendous selection of books. Visit her site for free registration

Craig’s list offers tons of stuff and if you are looking for books there is a category for that too. Local Craigs lists can be found via google search. 

There are always books for all ages and likes at Garage sales and I’ve found that most will give you a book or two if you ask rather than take them to good will etc. If you ask and especially for kids books most people will just give them to you. I know I’m a softie and just say yes even if I have them labeled.

PaperBack Swap offers another free book option similar to BookCrossing but without the expense of tracking the book. Website for PaperBack Swap.