Little Lab Preschool and Child Care

3533 Riva Ridge Drive Fort Collins, CO 80526Fort Collins, CO 80526
Phone: 970.223.3939Email: littlelabpreschool@aol.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Little Lab Preschool and Child Care is Fort Collins' best little preschool and child care.  Every child receives in-person Science, Math, and Literacy classes in the morning.  For those that stay the whole day, they bring their lunch; no nuts, peanut butter, etc., and no cooking required, we do have a microwave; get a rest period, and then an afternoon of relaxed learning with lots of social time.  

Ernie and Mary Batson, the owners of Little Lab, were the founders and directors of The Learning House; a Science and Math based preschool.  They have brought everything they've learned about doing Science and Math with the early learner from their time at The Learning House to Little Lab.  Now the Science and Math that young children love to do is the focus of Little Lab.

Little Lab Preschool and Child Care welcomes children between the ages of 2.5 and 6 that are potty trained (or very close) and is a year-round program.  It's time for you to visit the best little preschool and Fort Collins.  We are the preschool that cares!