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Here at Simple Strategies for Family Living we apply the Be You Parenting concepts. We focus on parents first and in the process magical occurrences happen that bring about more joy, harmony and love in family living. We give you the nurturing support that will contribute to you feeling confident being you and being a parent. Parents work one on one with Mary Dravis-Parrish, the Parent Whisperer and author of Empowered Parents Empowering Kids or in group settings to explore, discover, apply and become more of the parent they truly would like to be. Mary combines effective processing, strategies, tools and energy work to create sessions that ignite, inspire and create the changes that her clients are searching for. Today’s technology allows Mary to work with clients from across the globe, bringing more awareness to the value of conscious, empowered parenting.  Parents who are considering working with Mary can take the Empowerment Survey to explore areas that may need some adjustments. They can also listen to the first three chapters of Empowered Parents Empowering Kids through a free audio that is available at Families today are not just traditional families, but they now include single parents, parents of the same gender, as well as grandparents raising grandchildren. 

Mary Dravis-Parrish believes that regardless of the structure of a family, families can thrive, be happy and successful in today's world. She also believes that the world will be a much better place when family life focuses on empowering parents and kids to be the unique caring beings they are meant to be.  Mary provides simple strategies and techniques that allow each family to raise happy children that feel confident stepping into their unique gifts and talents to offer to the world.  She utilizes her teaching experience along with her natural talents for getting to the root of what is causing distress, discord and dis-ease in family living.   

Mary Dravis-Parrish, brings her experience as well as her learning and certifications to address issues that parents face day to day. Being a child, living in a home of eight children, she discovered many styles to living, learning and coping, which lead her on a path to teaching children and working with parents to create more ease in family living. Mary’s parenting experiences include being a teen parent, single parent, co-parent, step-parent and a parent who lost her son to suicide.  She understands the needs, demands, and dynamics that parents experience.  IF you would like to have a complimentary Empowered Parent Session with Mary, reach via email at or through her website or call her at 970-481-7853. Tune into Mary’s weekly radio show- Be You Parenting on Inspired Choices Network. 

Business Review

The work Mary does has been an answer to a prayer I sent out to the Universe for help. I've found her work to be very soothing, helpful, and life-changing. Her work has opened up more possibilities for my life than I've ever known before. I originally went to her for parenting help, but I'm receiving help for many other areas of my life in addition to parenting. I look forward to doing even more work with Mary and can't wait to see the ways my world will open up even more. ~Diana M. Fort Collins, CO 

After attending Mary’s empowered parenting series, I feel less stress, less guilt, and much more joy in parenting.  As a single mom I took on a lot of guilt and anger for all the reasons one becomes a single parent.  Finding ways to let go of my past beliefs causing the guilt and anger was not what I had expected from this course, but that is exactly what happened.  In doing so I started to find myself turning into the mom I wanted to be for my kids and continue to do so as I practice using the tools I learned.  Even the whole co-parenting part of single parenting has improved tremendously, also unexpected.  Everyone can benefit from this course and book!  Even couples thinking about becoming parents. ~ D. Sanders 

"Mary took time to ask us our perspective and really listened to the specific details of our home situation. She was not trying to prescribe something generic or cover all, but rather was very specific to tailoring her suggestions to our children. She showed genuine interest in making sure our situation improves. She also followed up with very useful tips for us to use at home, which is golden, as practice makes perfect in achieving positive results." ~Rachel P. Fort Collins