Here's the Scoop: America's Favorite Ice Cream Flavors, State-by-State

July is National Ice Cream Month

By Macaroni KID July 8, 2024

National Ice Cream Month is July, and what better way to celebrate than with your favorite frozen treat? Instacart has some sweet stats on America’s ice cream faves, and we're here to share the scoop!

Instacart says ice cream deliveries go up by a cool 22% in July — so apparently, we’re all screaming for ice cream as the summer heat kicks in. 

Let’s check out which flavors are making us swoon across the nation, according to Instacart's 2023 purchase data:

Vanilla Vibes

Classic and versatile vanilla tops the list of state favorites, coming in tops in 21 states, from Alaska to Georgia. Whether it’s in a sundae, with pie, or just on its own, vanilla’s creamy goodness is a total winner accounting for 30% of all ice cream purchases in the U.S.

Chocolate Lovers Unite

Chocolate is the go-to for 15 states, from Maine to Florida. If you’re in one of these states, celebrate National Ice Cream Day on July 21 with a big scoop of chocolatey bliss!

Minty Fresh

States in the Pacific Northwest and one outlier — Pennsylvania — are all about mint chip. Cool and crisp, this flavor is the preference in four states for hot summer days when you need a little extra zing.

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Coffee Craze

Four states, from Hawaii to Rhode Island, keep things buzzing with coffee ice cream. Perfect for a sweet afternoon pick-me-up.

Rocky Road Adventures

California, Nevada, and Montana love the adventurous Rocky Road. With its delightful mix of marshmallows, nuts, and rich chocolate, this flavor offers a fun and crunchy twist that adventurous ice cream lovers can't resist.

Moose Tracks Mania

Three states in the Midwest have gone wild for moose tracks. Vanilla ice cream, peanut butter cups, and fudge? They're onto something big in Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Strawberry Standout

And standing alone in its vote? Washington, D.C.! Stop the presses, because our nation's capital can agree on at least one thing: It's the one spot that prefers strawberry ice cream over all other flavors.

Ready to join us in celebrating the yummy goodness of ice cream in July? Grab a bowl and spoon and dig into your state’s favorite flavor. 

Here’s the quick scoop from Instacart on each state’s favorite ice cream flavor:

Alabama: Chocolate
Alaska: Vanilla
Arizona: Vanilla
Arkansas: Vanilla
California: Rocky Road
Colorado: Vanilla
Connecticut: Chocolate
Delaware: Chocolate
Florida: Chocolate
Georgia: Vanilla
Hawaii: Coffee
Idaho: Mint Chip
Illinois: Vanilla
Indiana: Vanilla
Iowa: Moose Tracks
Kansas: Vanilla
Kentucky: Vanilla
Louisiana: Chocolate
Maine: Chocolate
Maryland: Vanilla
Massachusetts: Coffee
Michigan: Moose Tracks
Minnesota: Vanilla
Mississippi: Vanilla
Missouri: Vanilla
Montana: Rocky Road
Nebraska: Vanilla
Nevada: Rocky Road
New Hampshire: Chocolate
New Jersey: Chocolate
New Mexico: Coffee
New York: Chocolate
North Carolina: Chocolate
North Dakota: Vanilla
Ohio: Vanilla
Oklahoma: Vanilla
Oregon: Mint Chip
Pennsylvania: Mint Chip
Rhode Island: Coffee
South Carolina: Chocolate
South Dakota: Vanilla
Tennessee: Chocolate
Texas: Vanilla
Utah: Vanilla
Vermont: Chocolate
Virginia: Chocolate
Washington: Mint Chip
Washington, D.C.: Strawberry
West Virginia: Chocolate
Wisconsin: Moose Tracks
Wyoming: Vanilla

🍧🍦 Stay cool and happy scooping! 🍦🍧

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