Lovin' Summer Food Truck Rallies In Fort Collins & Loveland CO

Jones'n For Some Food Truck Fare? Catch Your Fav's At The Food Truck Rallies and Other Events

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Loveland Macaroni KID June 3, 2024

Food Trucks are synonymous with summer. Like splash pads, summer concerts, carnivals, summer camps and beaches, Food Truck scream summer! 

You can always find food trucks sprinkled around Northern Colorado including Wellington, Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud and beyond. 

Grab your blankets, chairs and anything that makes your experience comfortable, find your favorite food truck or a new one, and enjoy the summer vibes! 

Along with breweries and parks, food trucks hold rallies where you can find something new and different or patron your favorite. 

Fort Collins Food Truck Rally 

When: Every Tuesday 5pm to Dusk now through September 17th

Where: City Park between Mulberry St and Sheldon Dr 

What: With over 20 food trucks each week and featuring over 45 trucks throughout the summer you will certainly get a chance to experience a variety of different flavors, styles and food! 

How: Just drop in between 5 and dusk. Set up a place to enjoy your fair and a little entertainment. Make sure to bring sunscreen, bugspray, and something soft to sit on, among the other things that will make your time memorable and comfortable! 

Details: Well behaved pups on leases are welcome. Bring your CC, some vendors only take credit. There's a list of vendors featuring dietary accommodations,  musical lineup and general info. 

Special Event: July 4th there will be a special event held for Independence Day! 

Taste of Fort Collins

When: June 8th & 9th. Arrive before 3/4pm for best ticking options. When they hit capacity they call it for the day! Music Saturday 1pm - 7:30pm, Sunday 12:20 - 6:45.

Where: Food trucks will be lining the path, see some locations on the map.  Here's a list of the food vendors. Here's a list of the beverage vendors.

What: 24 food vendors not including the beverage stations. You won't go hungry or thirsty! You'll enjoy music, artisans crafts, and so much more! There's a kids zone where you can spend hours! 

How: Get your tickets here or at the gates. TICKETS AT THE GATE ARE CASH ONLY. 

Details: Well behaved pups on leases are welcome. Bring your CC, AND cash. some vendors only take credit while others only take cash. 

Mehaffey Park Food Truck Rally

When: Every Thursday May 30 - Sept 5th. NO EVENT JULY 4TH.  5pm to dusk.

Where: 3285 W 22nd st south end of the park. 

What: Food trucks, music, with arts and crafts! 

How: Bring blankets, chairs, and other comforts. 

Details: Well behaved pups on leases are welcome. Bring your CC, AND cash. Some vendors only take credit while others only take cash. 

Loveland Luvs Food Trucks Food Truck Rally 

When: Select Tuesdays through the summer June 4 & 18, July 9 & 23, Aug 20 & Sept 10. 5pm - 8pm. 

Where: North Lake park 2750 N Taft Ave

What: A few food trucks, musicians and vendors. 

How: Bring blankets, chairs, and other comforts. 

Details: Well behaved pups on leases are welcome. Bring your CC, AND cash. Some vendors only take credit while others only take cash.

General Food Truck Tips: 

Bring a sense of adventure 

Don't limit yourself to one food truck. Try one for dinner, one for beverage, and one for dessert! 

if you have a favorite, don't hesitate to share your love of the truck on social media for them along with some favorable word of mouth! It's very competitive and sharing your favorites will help them thrive. 

Make sure your kids have something extra to munch on if you have picky eaters. Sometimes you can't find a food truck that your kids will like (other than the dessert trucks LOL!). Being prepared with a staple favorite munchie will help everyone have a good time. 

Bring napkins and utensils. Yes the vendors have these but if you bring your own you know you'll have plenty incase something happens. 

If you find a truck you like follow it on Facebook to see where  you can find it throughout the week, month, year! Most trucks have a QR code or some way to link to them. 

Always check out facebook pages and or websites for updates on cancellations and other communications. 

My personal plan: 

When I go to the Food Truck Rallies I always bring a picnic basket, a couple chairs, blanket, games, and headphones. 

-I'll start with the headphones. My daughter is very selective with what she listens to and if the band isn't her cup of tea the headphones go on and spotify or youtube music goes on. Like with the tried and true munchie, if the kids isn't comfortable they can make it either a short trip or an uncomfortable trip. 

-We like to go with friends. Not only will the kids play together and keep busy, but it's great to sit back and enjoy the company. That being said, If friends aren't available or you are new to the area, Food truck rallies are a great way to meet other families! 

-We bring games just to enjoy after we eat. We don't always use them but it's been a great ice breaker to meet other families and to keep our kiddo entertained. 

-Blanket and/or chairs are simply staples for comfort. We love short foldable chairs with canopies/or side tables attached. This is a bit fancy but if you plan to stay till dusk it does make it comfortable.

-Picnic basket or a backpack make it easy to bring all the "stuff" in an easy and comfortable way from the car to the park. You could pack your blanket, snack for the kiddo, headphones, extra utensils, extra napkins, first aid, bug spray, bug bite relief, sunscreen etc. and reduce the trips from parking lot to landing spot at the park. 

-Make it simple and easy. I have all these tips and locations but the most important thing is to make it yours. Use what resonates and let the rest be. Don't make big thing out of all the little stuff. Bring what makes sense for your family.