Kyle’s parents worried @ 5 he couldn’t sit through his StudioK🎹lesson

…And you might be surprised to hear what happened next

By Nathaniel Marshall Instructor, StudioK Music May 27, 2024

Having taught piano and guitar at StudioK for the last 10 years, I’ve learned that each child is truly unique, but there's also the universal truth that they won’t be able to sit still for long! I’ve developed a tried and true technique, a secret solution to ensure young children will learn as they have a great time at lesson. 

Kyle’s first lesson at StudioK

Once I greeted Kyle’s family in the waiting room of our studio in North Loveland/South Fort Collins and answered initial questions, I ushered him into the studio room for his first lesson.

After 15 minutes, Kyle was gaining facility in learning his finger numbers and playing the first songs in his book, but I could see he was getting antsy. Kyle asked, “what's that?” pointing to the corner of the studio at one of my prized teaching tools. “Oh that thing over there? Let me show you!” I answered. We walked over and I picked up the 3 foot long inflatable hammer with the words “big bopper” written on its business end. “This is the bopper!” I said. Kyle got a big smile on his face: “Chase me!” he exclaimed as he ran away laughing. Turns out, Kyle loves being chased! Once I heard his belly laugh as I chased him around with the big bopper, I knew I was on to something; we spent the next five minutes playing a game we created called “kid bopper”. 

A successful learning experience

4 songs and 3 rounds of kid bopper later, I returned Kyle to his mother in the adjacent waiting room, spending time with her other 2 children. 

I reported that Kyle did an amazing job and as this was his very first lesson, it was free of charge. I mentioned that practice at this age is not something to be particularly concerned with; 2-3 times per week will be a sufficient foundation to build his enjoyment and passion for music upon.

We finalized our lesson plans moving forward and they’ve since been happy clients of mine for months.

"I took piano lessons all throughout my childhood, and they weren't much fun. It's so great to see how much my son enjoys his lessons with Nathaniel. He always has a great time, and is excited to show us what he's learned when we get home." 

  • Eric, (Kyle’s Dad)

My secret technique

It’s simple: smiles are the gateway to learning

I’m in the business of making lessons something your child looks forward to each week. In Kyle’s case, he loves playing kid bopper; so we use it as a reward for his good behavior. If kids are having fun in a safe and encouraging environment, they’re going to learn well and that’s what I do at StudioK

What makes StudioK the best choice for piano and guitar lessons in Loveland/Fort Collins

Unlike franchise music academies that use a one size fits all approach, lessons at StudioK are based on your child’s unique needs.

The benefits of this approach are threefold:

  • Increased motivation to practice
  • Genuine connection with students
  • You get shared experiences and memories with your children

The advantages of enriching your child with music are too many to name here, but here’s a few:

  • Development of self esteem
  • Enhanced spatial temporal reasoning (problem solving skills)
  • Advancements in attention span

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