Eclipse Ideas To Make the Day Special!

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid April 8, 2024

OK It's a once or twice in a lifetime event! The 2024 Eclipse! 

This is a simple and fun way to show the eclipse and have a cool snack while you all enjoy the eclipse. If you aren't going to watch it, this is a great way to explain the phases it too! 

It's quick simple and the kids can help you put it together! 

What you need: 

9 chocolate cookies with cream filling. 

What to do: 

Take each cookie apart carefully so that the filling stays on one side of the cookie and the other side is just the chocolate cookie. 

Quick tip: 

Use a thin sharp knife like a paring knife to help separate the cookie from the filling.


Arrange as shown to show the different phases of the eclipse. 

We won't experience a total eclipse just a partial one. It will still be pretty educational and fun! 

If you do shadow tracings, this is a great time to do them and explain why the shadow's are a bit different. As the eclipse happens you will see a curve in the shadows. They begin to look like a sun with a bite out of it.  They will arc as the moon moves in front of the sun. There is a cool shadow experiment in the link from NASA linked below. 

It makes for some cool tracings. 

I have some fun information and ideas direct from NASA for you to read about and enjoy with the kids. There are ideas here for older kids too! 

If you want to live stream the event - here is a link for you!