Small Fries Preschool Ensures Kindergarten Ready Kids

Encouraging self-regulation + critical thinking + problem-solving skills = Kindergarten Success

By Jen Herron Senior Recreation Coordinator January 19, 2024

Small Fries Preschool is a state-licensed and quality-rated comprehensive preschool program for your
3 to 5 year old that includes a balance of play-based, child-directed discovery and teacher-led small group activities. Kindergarten-readiness is ensured through the encouragement of self-regulation, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Small Fries Preschool is a Colorado Shines Level 5 rated preschool for 3-5 year olds and is unique as we are currently the only Level 5 rated preschool in Northern Colorado.  Our mission is to lay a foundation of diverse abilities that promote the development of Kindergarten readiness skills including self-confidence, critical thinking and a love of learning. We provide a secure and comfortable learning environment for your child to discover and cultivate his/her own unique abilities and interests by creating a developmentally appropriate atmosphere of stimulation, opportunity and discovery.  

Small Fries Preschool is located inside the Chilson Recreation Center in the heart of downtown Loveland. The beautiful setting of the City Civic Center provides us with access to a variety of both indoor and outdoor amenities including walks around the Foote Lagoon and regular visits to Civic Center Park’s playground. Children enjoy walking field trips to Loveland Library and class field trips that connect us with our community.  

Our knowledgeable and compassionate Early Childhood Teachers maintain professional certifications awarded through the State of Colorado’s Office of Early Childhood. Annual training hours are completed by all staff in the areas of health & safety, social/emotional learning and developmentally appropriate practices. Using both primary caregiving and continuity of care strategies, teachers develop consistent and long-term relationships with both children and families. Bi-annual parent/teacher conferences allow teachers to share their observations through collected data and assessments, providing families with a comprehensive understanding of their child’s unique developmental learning process.

Classroom teachers utilize the Colorado Early Learning and Developmental Guidelines to develop both individual and group lesson plans. Our curriculum includes a balance of structured, teacher-led lessons and play-based, child-directed activities. Our style of intentional planning provides a comprehensive approach to each child’s unique social, emotional, cognitive, creative, and physical development.  Daily experiences include circle time, small group lessons, learning center rotations, STEAM activities, books and manipulatives, music and movement, and physical activities.

Children develop readiness skills in all areas of development through quality interactions with both adults and peers in the classroom. We teach self-regulation and self-esteem through respect for ourselves, each other, our belongings, and our environment. Children learn conflict resolution and problem-solving skills through positive guidance and redirection.

We offer opportunities for our Small Fries families to engage in the program and get to know each other throughout the school year. We welcome family members and children’s caregivers to visit or be a special person in the classroom. School-wide events including family picnics, parades, potluck dinners, holiday programs and celebrations allow families to be a part of their child’s early learning experience. 

Small Fries Preschool generally follows the Thompson Valley School District calendar for major holidays, school breaks, and all weather-related or emergency closures. Complete school-year calendars are set annually and distributed to enrolled families in the Parent & Family Handbook.

  • Preschool Classes (Staff to Child ration 8:1)
    (child must be toilet trained and turn three years old prior to their first day attending the program)
    Th/F Preschool AM class:  9:00 - 11:30A

Th/F Preschool PM class: 12:30 – 3:00P

  • Pre-Kindergarten Classes (Staff to Child ratio 9:1)
    (child must turn four years old prior to 10/1 of current school year)
    M/Tu/W AM Pre-K class:  9:00 - 11:30A
    M//Tu/W PM Pre-K class:  12:30 - 3:00P

City of Loveland Parks & Recreation’s Activity Guide contains current program session dates and rates and is available at the Chilson Recreation Center. 

View the guide online at


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