Children's Entrepreneur Market Is About Business In Action - For Kids!

A Farmers’ Market...Run Entirely by KIDS!

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid July 17, 2023

A Farmers’ Market…Run Entirely by KIDS!

The Children’s Entrepreneur Market is a program where kids get to be entrepreneurs for a day! The
products they sell can include almost anything: bottled water, handmade necklaces, cupcakes, coffee,
lego-figurines, 3-D printed toys and the list goes on and on! Kids really enjoy the markets as it gives
them a venue where they can be creative and can learn practical life skills such as communication,
leadership, confidence and serving. The principles and skills the kids learn permeates their efforts at
home, at school, at work and at play and sets their heights for achievement in these areas ever higher.

The Children's Entrepreneur Market started in Utah in 2017 with only 3 locations, yet they’ve grown
their influence to 59 state-wide markets this past year. In 2023 the program expanded to include 6 new
states: Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The Children’s Entrepreneur
Market mission is “to develop vibrant and resourceful children through entrepreneurship and creative
play that generate momentum in their personal, education, work and community life”, and they are
doing just that!

“The magic of our markets takes place as we provide children with a high volume of authentic
interactions. Our organization specializes in identifying and securing venues that bring large numbers of
a diverse community together where hundreds and thousands of interactions for the kids become
This creates an ideal environment for the children as well as our supporters. It places kids in front of real
people, with real money amongst some healthy competition. We provide additional support for children,
such as video lessons, curriculum, scholarships, and a blog series to share lessons and experiences from
kids, for kids.”

Northern Colorado is hosting 2 Children's Markets this summer. 

August 13 9am -1pm

Loveland Kids' Watermelon Daze at Fairgrounds Park

Register here to participate 

October 21st 9am-12pm

Eaton Holiday Mart 

Register here to participate

More Details On How To Participate In The Children's Entrepreneur Market: 

Parents are welcome, but are strongly encouraged to stand back and let the children deliver their pitch and close the sale.

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The most successful entrepreneurs sell products that solve a problem, are well priced, or that customers simply can’t resist!

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As children learn free market principles by creating goods, engaging customers and executing their business plan, their confidence soars!

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