EverWash: The Clean Ride Solution for Busy (and Happy!) Moms

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By Christen Reiner, publisher of Macaroni KID Lakewood-Littleton and Macaroni KID Denver, Colo. August 30, 2022

Not a week goes by without me wishing for a clean car. I thought that just wasn’t possible with my busy life… chauffeuring the kids, working, sports events, and school functions take up most of my time and make my car extra dirty. And I sure don’t want to spend what small amount of free time that I have left washing my car. 

The author received a membership to EverWash and compensation for this article. All thoughts and opinions expressed are her own.

That's me, bummed about my dirty car. I want to keep it clean, but it can get expensive to pay for a car wash every week. Thumbs down, all the way! 


That was before I heard about EverWash, the clean ride solution for busy moms! EverWash partners with local neighborhood car washes nationwide to bring you unlimited-use, all-you-can wash, monthly membership plans. Find participating car washes near you!

In less than five minutes, I downloaded the easy-to-use EverWash app, picked my plan and location, and was on my way to easy unlimited car washes at a local car wash. Happy mom, indeed!

I’m so happy with my EverWash unlimited car wash plan that I want to give you the opportunity to try it FREE for a month! 

Use the Promo Code HAPPYMOM to receive your first month of car washes FREE!

Check out why you'll love EverWash too!

It’s a great deal with lots of choices

I can literally get my car washed every day and still never pay more than my low monthly rate! Each of the locations has three plan levels (at different price points) to choose from.* PLUS, you can freeze your membership, upgrade or downgrade your membership, or cancel anytime. Freedom to choose with no long-term contracts is a huge benefit in my book.

BONUS: I can add my husband’s vehicle (or my kids’ cars!) to my plan at half price.* Happy Mom AND Happy Dad!

Get the wash you want, when you want it

Want to run your car through the auto wash on your way home from carpool? Easy peasy. Need a quick vacuum because your kiddo spilled their snack? Done! In the mood for a deep clean? You can do that, too! You can get the wash you want on your own terms with EverWash. It's so easy and user-friendly that I can send my teen to wash my car!

It’s super convenient (plus the kids love to help)

As busy parents, we know that there are times when our cars need more than just an outside scrub. My car is often a catch-all for trash, crumbs, and dirt, inside and out. EverWash locations offer everything you need to get your vehicle back to sparkling status, and it's actually a pretty fun activity to do with your kids. It’s a one-stop washing shop for your car!

Did I mention that many of the "extras" are included in your membership?

Scan your EverWash app for FREE vacuums, FREE fragrances, and even FREE DIY power wash stalls (my favorite place to clean those dirty floor mats). It's ALL included in your monthly plan.*

Thanks to EverWash, I never have the dirty car blues, and I am rocking those clean car, happy mom vibes. Come join me at EverWash!

Use the Promo Code HAPPYMOM to receive your first month of car washes FREE!

*Add-ons, discounts, and service plans are car wash specific and may vary from location to location.