What Do Mom's Really Want For Mother's Day?

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Loveland CO April 25, 2022

The best gift I ever got was a little boat that my daughter made where I can keep my rings. 

I've been a mom for 12 years now, and for me, the best gifts are home made. Cards, pottery, drawings, anything from the heart simple and inexpensive. Something simple and meaningful. 

I was curious if I was the only one who loved these kinds of gifts, so I took an informal pole. 

One of the least desired items were electronics. Some of the answers may surprise you. 

Here they are from least to most popular: 

16 - Electronics 

15 - Wine/Liquor/Beer

14 - Clothing

13 - Breakfast in Bed

12 - Books

11 - Food 

10 - Someone taking care of Household chores 

 9 - A quiet day to myself

 8 - Jewelry

 7 - Spa day/manicure

 6 - Something Homemade

 5 - Chocolate

 4 - Keepsake gift like an engraved locket etc

 3 - A Family experience like hiking, weekend trip

 2 - Flowers

Drum roll please! The most desired gift? 

 1 - A Card! 

I loved the first card my daughter made for me. I also love the necklace she bought for me with amethyst heart and silver tone heart that has Mom on it.

Mother's Day is May 8, 2022. 

I wish you the happiest of Mother's days.