Last Minute Valentine Ideas For Your Sweetie's.

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid February 6, 2023

Ah, Valentine's Day. It's a wonderful day to let someone you love know how much you care. You can still do some great things in the last minute if you waited a bit too long. Flowers are a wonderful idea and many local shops may be able to deliver still, you may consider ordering for pick up. Not into flowers? We have some unique fun ways to show your love. 

The Language Of Love – Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers. Granted some love a beautiful bouquet while others want a plant that comes up year after year to remind them of their loved one. You can use specific flowers to express yourself in many romantic situations. Falling in love for the first time? Is your sweetie far away? Are you in love with someone from afar and feel it's time to let them know? 

Say it with flowers. Here's how:

First love

Asters symbolize beginnings.

Azaleas represent first love.

Daisies mean innocence.

Hyacinths are representative of young love.

Purple lilacs represent the first experience of love.

White roses symbolize innocence and purity.

Long-time love

A red-and-white rose combination represents unity.

Baby's breath means everlasting love.

Honeysuckle symbolizes the bonds of love.

Lavender means devotion.

Pink roses symbolize lasting friendship.

Stephanotis, or Madagascar jasmine, means happiness in marriage.

Unrequited love

Sunflowers mean adoration.

Pomegranate symbolizes unspoken desire.

Yellow tulips represent hopeless love.

Passion and desire

Anthurium means intense attraction.

Calla lily symbolizes magnificent beauty.

Orchids represent ecstasy.

Pansies symbolize the unspoken thoughts of lovers.

Peach roses express desire.

Red roses represent passion and love.

Missing you

Agapanthus, or African lily, symbolizes love letters.

Astilbe, or False Spirea, means "I will wait for you."

Heliotrope inspires thoughts of devotion.

Gladioli represent strength of character, a necessary asset to anyone far away from their lover.

Ivy means fidelity.

Violets represent faithfulness.

Zinnia symbolizes the thought of absent friends.


Now if  you want to put your knowledge of the meaning of flowers to work, visit or call one of the local florists and make your custom bouquet to say anything you desire. 


Earls Floral & Gifts  1421 Denver Ave. Loveland 80537 888-247-4296 

Rowe’s Florals   863 Cleveland Ave, Loveland CO 80537 970-667-2300 800-383-7673

Palmer Floral is located in both Fort Collins 970-226-0200 3710 Mithcell Dr and in Loveland 970-825-1111 1300 E Eisenhower Blvd.

Fort Collins

Dee Angelic Rose Florist  Services Northern Colorado. 970-691-2881

Paul Wood florists 111 W Olive St Ft Collins 970-482-8821


Li’l Flower Shop 417 Main St Windsor 888-238-8860 9970-686-2400

The Windsor Gardener 6461 Hwy 392 Windsor 970-686-9771

Other Ideas

If none of the ideas above fit your fancy, try one of the places below. Something a bit unorthodox, fun, and maybe unexpected. 

The Main Event 4455 Fairgrounds Ave, Windsor CO. 970-663-6363. Across from the Ranch. Bowling, arcade, laser tag and dinner.

Nuance Chocolate 214 Pine Street, Fort Collins, CO 80550 Delicious Chocolate. 

Little Bird Bakery 11 Old Town Square #121, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Fort Collins Museum Of Art 201 S. College Ave Fort Collins 80524 970-482-2787 Visit someplace that will make the whole family happy.

Colorado Candy Company  (877) 229-9211 Made here in Fort Collins from brittle & ribbon candy, to hard candy. Find their candy at the following locations The Cupboard, Loveland Visitors Center, Amy’s Hallmark at Centerra.  

Kilwin’s in Old Town Fort Collins 114 S College Ave for those who want CHOCOLATE! 970-221-9444

Want to do something simple?

These ideas are great for the kids. Simple and shows how much you care. 

Write “10 Reasons I Love You” (for kids or adults) on sticky notes in the shape of hearts and put them on their bedroom door or in their car or lunch box.

Balloon Surprises – put small prizes, coupons, love notes, kudos into a balloon. Blow them up and place them all in one room, hidden around the house, stuffed in a back pack or a car.

Picnic for the family or for your sweetie – Pack up something that your special one loves and plan an indoor or outdoor picnic! Make sure you pack some bubbly whether it be sparkling grape soda or champagne.

 Hide & Seek – Hide something special (Candy kisses or something special for the kids)(love notes etc for the adults) and put little riddles of where to find the next treat!

Do something touristy in your town Carriage rides, festivals etc.


Check out our Guide to Articles & All Things ❤️ Love and Valentines For Your Family for some great ideas including recipes and crafts.

You can take these ideas and create the perfect Valentines day for your loved one and your kids too. You can pick one thing from each group and make an event out of it, pick one or two to do for fun, or just use the list to give you inspiration. Anyway  you look at it, you can create a beautiful weekend.

Happy Valentines Day!