Publisher's Corner! Thanks You For Being You and Christmas Traditions.

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Loveland Macaroni KID November 29, 2021


I hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful one. We enjoyed 2 holiday meals. One at my parent's house and one just for us. We usually head to my in-laws house but they disbursed to different homes for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

We missed everyone but we still had one of the best holidays (maybe the best) we've ever had. It was relaxing, and we had an opportunity for our daughter to conduct the holiday conversation. My mother said grace and began a conversation with this great question. "If you could go anywhere in the world, (money isn't an issue nor is a schedule) Where would you go? Places like Hawaii and Alaska were mentioned as well as New York and Greenland.  This was followed up with Why would you go there? Most of us had either gone and wanted to go back or had never been and wanted to see the architecture, experiance the wild, or just always wanted to go and see what another place unfamiliar would be like. 

Then my daughter wanted us to go around the table and say what we were thankful for. It was a great conversation. Some humorous and some heartfelt. My daughter was thankful for her family and our great meal. I am thankful for her and my whole family. 

I am also thankful for you. 

Some of you are new and some have been with me from the beginning. I am truly thankful for you.

Being thankful isn't enough really. You all have been the reason I do this. I started out doing Macaroni Kid because I felt a need in the community. I also felt that I wanted to help as many people as I possibly could in any way that I could. This has feeling has only grown. I know many of you when I see you at our events. I love to hear how the site helped you in some way too. I truly love to help out and to bring community together. 

I intend to renew and enhance the site to create someplace you can truly find what you need, and even things that you didn't know existed.  We will be creating more events and connections so you can have more opportunities for giveaways, discounts and more.

I appreciate everyone of you.

Thank you. 

On a less serious note. 

It's Christmas time! Time to deck the halls, make those special gifts and treats, and schedule those special events and traditions! 

One of our favorite traditions is simply driving and enjoying the Christmas lights. What's your favorite tradition? 

We are so busy we are looking for an intern! If you know of a student who would like to help out with adding events please let them know we would love the help. If you or someone you know is interested please let us know. You can contact me Melissa at melissas@macaronikidcom and put Assistant in the subject. 

What are we up to?

As things change with the CDC COVID guidelines and local guidelines events may still be canceled or changed to meet those guidelines. Keep an eye out I will be adding events as quickly as possible. However, If you know of an event or have an event you want to add please feel free to do so. I get notifications of events to approve before they post.

 Post it on our calendar at

Don't forget to check out Facebook too for other events that have been popping up randomly since the State has changed the Stay at home quarantine to the Safer at home guideline.

If you have other things you want to see Mac Kid do drop me an email. 

If you want to partner with Mac Kid I'd love to hear from you.

Remember with any event, If the weather looks questionable, - Always check in with the event itself to be sure the event is still on! You can email me as well. ESPECIALLY IN SPRING AND FALL. Now that COVID has come please comply with the COVID guidelines requested by each establishment and organizer. If you have a question about their policies please contact them directly. COVID Guidelines change regularly too so be sure to make sure that an event is still compliant and that it is not canceled.  We will update events regularly however we can't catch everything. 

If you have the newsletter you only have part of the fun! I post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram with holiday and everyday crafts, recipes, special offers, contests, news, and new events. (see the tabs on the right or at the bottom to visit the social site) 

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Love, Live and Be Fierce for what you believe, 

Melissa Shrader 

Editor and Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid

 Please feel free to contact me with questions suggestions.

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