Introducing Super Cool Kids Club @ the Lyric

By Aaron Varnell Logistics Coordinator / Chaos Wrangler The Lyric July 5, 2021

 What is Super Cool Kids Club? 

It's a weekly storytime and variety show free for kids of all ages! Outdoors from 11-noonish.⁣

This incredible event will surely grow into a weekly gathering of inquisitive young minds and their Super Cool parents. With a curated list of volunteer performers including upcoming dancers, puppets, and lizards, let's see where we can take our youth programming. ⁣

The Lyric opens at 10:30 am on Wednesday and has coffee, food, and drinks for all ages. No cereal bar on weekdays, unfortunately, that's for Saturday/Sunday cartoons alone. Unvaccinated adults, please mask up while in close proximity to others - hand sanitizer will be available.