15 Great Ways to Celebrate Dad

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid June 14, 2021

Dad's are awesome! We have some great ways to show Dad some love on Fathers' Day.  We have some great ideas that can work for Grandpa too!


1. Let Dad Sleep in and Serve Brunch

Either in bed or at the breakfast table you can start Dad's day by feeding him his favorite breakfast. 

2.Plan a Family Workout

If your Dad is like ours, he loves to run and work out. Pick his favorite sport and do it with him! Do some stretches before running. Find a great trail and hike. Let Dad lead and work out together in your living room or backyard. 

3. Stroll Down Memory Lane - 

This is a great one for Dad and Grandpa. Pull out the phones or photo albums and learn about Dad's childhood. Grandpa will have some great insight into how things have changed too. Take a little time to dig into your family history. 

4. Take a Class Together

Crafts or Cooking, you can learn something new with Dad. Pick something you both love and sign up for a class together. Many Libraries have some great crafts on their Facebook pages and YouTube channels that you can use too! 

5. Create a Lawn Game Tournament

Get out some of your lawn games and make a lawn tournament! Get your Olympics spirit going with some handmade awards. Whoever wins gets Ice cream or their favorite treat! 

6. Take a Hike & A Picnic 

Find a great trail and pack a picnic. Bring a blanket or find a picnic table and make sure you have some of Dad's favorite food. Even if it's a stroll around your favorite park you can end the picnic on the playground and create a wonderful memory.  

7. Get Out On The Water

Does Dad love to swim, boat, fish, or just enjoy the beach? Take Dad to the water. Bring a picnic lunch, plenty of sunscreen so Dad doesn't burn, and enjoy time together.  Find a great pool or beach to enjoy together. 

8. Let Dad Show Off His Grilling Skills

If Dad loves to cook, let him get his grill on! Get some hotdogs, brats, hamburgers, chicken etc, and bring on the backyard picnic! 

9. Get Golfing

Does Dad love to golf? Book a time and take him golfing. This works for almost any of his favorite sports and it's a real surprise. 

10. Give Dad The Gift Of Time

Dad may just want some time alone to take a nap or just rest in his hammock with his favorite beverage. Make this a special moment for him by creating a restful place. Bring him a cool drink, a light blanket, pillow, and maybe some music.

11. Have a Movie-athon

Pick your Dad's or Grandpa's favorite movie franchise and play the movies in order. Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lego, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Jurassic Park, Shrek, Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ice Age and so many more! You can also make it an outdoor movie night. Don't forget the movie snacks and popcorn. 

12. Sing The Day Away

Crank up the music! Pass the mic. Watch Dad lay down some serious dance moves and bust out his favorite songs. 

13. Family Game Night 

Get your game on! Bring out Dads favorite game, get out some snacks and spend the night together enjoying some friendly competition. Jenga, Charades, or Monopoly are awesome! 

14. Take Dad To Dinner

Surprise Dad with a fancy restaurant or with his favorite fast food. Make it a big surprise, don't tell him where your going and just show up at his favorite place or someplace new. 

15. Build a Campfire

Father-Daughter/Son Campfires are great. This is a great way to end the day with some s'mores or just some toasted marshmallows. Go around the campfire and ask about everyone's favorite memory of Dad or Grandpa. Tell stories (they don't have to get ghost stories). Sing some songs. Take more pictures to add to Dads story. 


Make the Day About Dad - You know Dad better than anyone else. Make the day about him and enjoy something of his with him.