NOCOVFM is Soaking up the Sun with Sunray Natural Farm

By Alexa Vasquez, Founder/CEO and the NOCOVFM Team and Candida Marques, Co-Owner, Marketing/Sales & Website Director May 30, 2021

This week’s featured vendor is Sunray Natural Farm

With the start of the wonderful fresh farm produce season in swing, we think it only fair that we mention one of our first farm vendors. 

Sunray Natural Farm worked diligently with Alexa when we first opened in March 2020. Josh Hillhouse, the owner, and our hard-working farmer helped with the start and management of our Facebook group and supported Alexa through the difficult early days. Later, he joined our virtual market and today is one of our wonderful farm food producers. 

We can’t thank Josh Hillhouse enough for his support, friendship, loyalty, and commitment to our platform week after week all year long.

Let us learn a little about Sunray Natural Farm, they began growing and selling veggies, gourmet salad mixes, and fresh herbs. As time moved on, they expanded their offerings based on what the community was lacking and they created their organically grown herb and spice blends along with their specialty, healthy tea blends. 

Soon after that, they rolled out their chicken flock and raised chicken and ducks for their non-GMO organic eggs. They were one of the first to bring organically fed eggs that are non-GMO to farmers' markets in Northern Colorado. 

They carry an amazing line of heirloom variety herbs, spice, and teas blends and even provide meal kits where you purchase the kit and create amazing healthy meals at home using items from the kit as well as other items you may have in your home pantry.

If you are a newbie to the platform, a regular shopper, or a seasoned member, we encourage you to visit Sunray Natural Farm store where you will find a large array of fresh produce, salad mixes, herbs, spices, teas, duck, chicken eggs, potatoes, carrots, peas and so much more! All their food is locally grown, non-GMO, organic, farm-to-table fresh, and filled with wholesome goodness for your body, soul, and family.

As we all know, the world can’t exist without the warm sun, fresh water, good food, and wonderful caring farmers and Sunray Natural Farm is all of that and more; as their implies… they care about your food, they embrace sunlight in a natural way while coexisting with this great world. They always have allowed and continue to allow their farm to grow and changed based on what the community needs and wants, not just on what they think you should have. 

That concept, coupled with their desire to be sustainable as led them to provide for you each week top-quality food that we enjoy delivering to your home.

Check out Sunray Natural Farm on NOCOVFM and place your fresh, farm-to-table food order each week for doorstep delivery, simply another way we continue to support your healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for your weekly support.

Live, Love, Shop Local for All Your Bear Necessities!

See you next week!


Candida, Alexa and Sunray Natural Farm

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