30 + Mother's Day Ideas That Will Melt Mom's Heart.

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid May 1, 2023

Want to do something special with your mom that will really mean something? 

Something from the heart is the best gift any mom could get. 

Here are some simple and fun ways to show mom you're love and create a memory you will both have forever. 

  1. A special Breakfast in Bed with mom-osas. I have a great Breakfast treat and Mom-osa recipe.
  2. A surprise picnic. Pick up some chicken and coleslaw with biscuits or sandwiches and chips. Make sure to pick a great scenic place. A mountain view or a shady spot in the backyard. Layout a blanket and your all set. Bring a book and read a little. Mom will love it.
  3. A Tea Party – Set up a table with a tablecloth (My favorite cloth was made by my daughter. She took paper towels and drew flowers and hearts on it). Get out your best china cups (or red solo cups) china plates (or paper plates) and have all your favorite snacks ready to serve Mom. Traditional Tea has finger sandwiches but a PBJ is great too! 
  4. Try a family wine tasting (or juice tasting) Gather up some great wine from local wineries and serve, get Mom's professional opinion on them. Or set up some juice samples and get mom’s professional opinion on them.
  5. Dinner where everyone shares their favorite thing about mom. Go around the dinner table and share favorite things about mom, favorite memories of mom. 
  6. Make your own Mother’s day card. Home-made cards are always keepers.  They show mom how much mom means to you.
  7. Take mom flower shopping. Does mom love to garden? Find some great flower shops and go shopping.  Buy mom something super special. 
  8. Cook a favorite family recipe together. Pick something your mom loves and make it together.
  9. Bake something together. Take some baking tips from mom or teach mom some baking tips. Here are some great easy desserts. Here are some great baking tips.  
  10. Make a special craft for Mom – or with Mom. Take a terra cotta pot and some paint can bring out the creativity of anyone. Paint bunnies, flowers, or write LOVE on a pot for your mom. Use your imagination to create a custom gift for your mom. 
  11. Make a playlist of Mom’s favorite tunes and add in a few from you..  I found a great list of songs to start off with.
  12. Watch a great movie focused on Mom. A favorite movie, a movie focused on moms, a family movie where mom is the hero. I found a great list of Movies to start with.
  13. Take a class together. Painting, floral arranging, decorating anything mom would love. 
  14. Tour the most beautiful gardens from your couch. Monet’s Garden.  Kew Garden. Keukenhof.
  15. Create a photo album for your mom. Bring something from the past and present. 
  16. Take up cross-stitch or latch hooking together. 
  17. Host a group Mother’s day for all the mothers in your family. 
  18. Rent a car for a day and take a scenic drive. Think convertible or Jeep.
  19. Take a pottery class together
  20. Volunteer someplace in honor of mom 
  21. Volunteer with your mom
  22. Just sit and read a magazine or book together 
  23. Conduct a Mother’s day interview and ask all the questions You’ve always wanted to know. Here are some questions to ask. 
  24. Take a yoga class or other class together
  25. Pick a home project to do together 
  26. Go backyard camping. Set up a tent and get out the grill. Use your imagination and have fun! 
  27. Take mom out or order mother’s day brunch
  28. Go antiquing. We have one of the top places to go antiquing in our backyard. 
  29. Go on a hike. Being in the foothills is wonderful! There are trails everywhere. Many have restrictions and new rules so keep an eye out at entries and trailheads for rules.
  30. Visit a winery or brewery. We found a great list of Wineries and breweries to visit.
  31. Treat mom to a manicure or pedicure. Either yourself at home or at a spa
  32. Go horseback riding. There are so many options here are just a few.
  33. Just make time to be with your mom. Listen and hear what mom wants to share. Mom’s love to connect so find your mom’s favorite way to connect and enjoy your time together. 
  34. Use your imagination. Do a playdate with mom. Do something fun and simple playing with mom.