NOCOVFM Gets Glassed!

By Alexa Vasquez, Founder/CEO and the NOCOVFM Team and Candida Marques, Co-Owner, Marketing/Sales & Website Director March 1, 2021

From stained glass to bowls, drinking glasses, gifts, and flowers, glass is an attractive, everlasting, and beautiful art form. Glass art and its functionality have been around since the 1st century BC, where it was blown and used for everyday use as well as admired for its luxurious qualities. Invented by Syrian craftsmen, glasswork has evolved through the centuries.

The love of glass continues to this day both for its art quality and daily functionality, and we, here at NOCOVFM, feel blessed to have an amazing and very talented glass blower, artist, vendor on our team.

Vivo Glass joined us shortly after we launched our new website back in April of 2020. Just as the evolution of glass has evolved through the years, so has our vendor grown this year!

Let us take a moment to learn a little about our glass artist, Johnelle Winnie, owner of Vivo Glass.

Vivo's Artists Creative Hands

Johnelle began collecting small glass animals at about the age of 12, after watching glass blowers work their magic in the outdoor markets of Germany, where she lived as a child. Her love for glass continued, and in her twenties, she took a stained-glass class and made many colorful window panels in the hip, unfinished basement of her first home in Fort Collins.

Later, she moved to glass mosaics, gluing glass onto anything she could find. One day she saw an ad for a glass-blowing class and she couldn’t resist the opportunity to try her hand at it. After her glass-blowing class, she later took a welding course at Front Range Community College. Today, this creative artist combines the two forms, glass and welding, into whimsical works of art that are the perfect mixed-media for most of her stunning creations.

She and her husband live in Fort Collins and their backyard has become another focal point for Johnelle’s artistic creativity. It is filled with woodsy paths and patios adorned with blown glass and metal art creations all of which light up at night with solar multi-colored lighting.

Johnelle finds that metal and glass are the perfect accent to nature’s beauty and a way to add a little surprise to any area of your home or garden!

A great artist usually has a very moving and compelling back-story and their story is what keeps them exploring new mediums, making new pieces and combining materials for maximum creativity. Vivo Glass may have started on our platform with a few everlasting, colorful, glass-blown floral blooms… but they are evolving and growing and enjoying the creation of new and exciting art pieces for all our customers to enjoy in their home and garden, as well as for rich, unique, one-of-a-kind gifts!

With spring vastly approaching into the season of plants and flowers, the great outdoors, wonderful patio/deck parties and gathering of family and friends, be sure to take a peek at this wonderful world of art and bring some beauty into your life.

Johnelle now carries a full line of stunning floral bouquets with glass vases, (some matching, and some contrasting the wonderful blooms they hold), as well as adorable concrete planters with glass-blown floral tucks and succulents that never need watering, but keep on glowing.

This week Vivo Glass is adding an extra touch of elegance and whimsy to your orders:

Ten lucky customers will receive one of her famous twisted wire, glass-beaded, curly cues. These adorable mixed-media creations are perfect for your glass flower arrangements, stick one in all your green potted plants and watch them come to life! Add one to your herb or flower garden, hanging floral baskets on your front porch, where they can reflect the light… their uses are endless, but don’t stop here because you can order more of these stunning curly cue beauties along with Johnelle’s other works of art in her store, Vivo Glass.

But hurry, each item is one-of-a-kind and with her stunning sale going on, these everlasting, luxurious beauties will surely disappear. Each piece in the Vivo Glass shop is handcrafted!

So this week, place your orders and get a FREE Twisted Wire,Glass Beaded,Curly Cue as a thank you for supporting our virtual market and our hard-working vendors and artists! 

Brought to you by Vivo Glass as a way to remind us all to:

Live,Love and Shop Local for all Your Bear Necessities!

See you next week,


Candida and Alexa

Copyright 2021