Keep Busy This Winter With Take And Make Kits.

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid December 14, 2020

On those days where there's nothing to do, it's a great time to do something with your hands and create something fun! 

There are some great projects of all kinds for you and your kids! These are our favorites!  

Michaels - Michaels has videos galore of projects for all ages. The projects are marked beginner, intermediate and advanced so you can choose wisely. Each project has it's own list of items needed to complete that particular project. You can do an online order with store pick up to get them. Then watch the video and voila! You are all set. 

Joanns - Joann's has partnered with CreativeBug and has some wonderful live online projects as well as some recorded for you to enjoy. Most of the projects are in print only. You can order products online for store pick up. JoAnn's is great for those looking for beginning crafting, sewing etc. They have some wonderful instructions for those just starting out. 

Lowes - Lowes offers project kits at their stores for pick up. You must register to get the project.  They will give you time range to pick up the kits. 

Home Depot -  Home Depot has some great activities for kids, tweens, teens and adults! Everything from something simple and crafty like pressing flowers to full-on camping in the backyard with games, tent, food and more! They have videos and pictures for plenty of instruction.  Tools and materials are listed and can be purchased for store pick up. 

Flingin Pots - Flingin' Pots is AWESOME! They rent pottery wheels, sell pottery kits with instruction, they still offer in-person classes for all ages.  They are working with the city of Fort Collins for classes too. 

Artisan You - Artisan You offers so much! They have videos and kits to pick up for you to do at home. All kinds of pottery, and fused glass projects in their pottery to go kits. They are wonderful to work with and can do almost anything! They work with the city of Loveland too! 

Kids Crafts Kits  - Loveland Public Library offers Kids Crafts Kit at the beginning of each month. There are limited kits so check in on the first of each month for the kits. Then you just watch the video on Facebook or Youtube to create the project.  These are great for Elementary kids.  Get your kits at the library while supplies last. 

Monthly Activity Bag - Loveland Public Library offers these bags on the first of each month while supplies last. These are great for Teens. Visit the Teen Hangout at the library to get your bag. 

Take and Make Activity Kits - Poudre Library District offers kits every 2nd and 4th week of the month for 3+ on Monday while supplies last. Amy Holzworth (970) 221-6740. They offer tween/teen kits at the beginning of the month.  Jenny Thurman (970) 221-6740 For Curbside pick up  Council Tree Library: 970-416-8050, Harmony Library: 970-829-0760.

Flingin Pots
Artisan You
Flingin Pots