Find Your Family Fun. What is Charity To You?

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid December 14, 2020


Today I sat down and was thinking of things to write about. 

The one thing that came to mind is charity. Charity is defined as:  "The act of giving help to those in need typically in the form of money" and "an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need" are the typical definitions of charity.

What it really is, it's helping someone get back on their feet, helping put food in the mouths of children. Putting books in the hands of children. Getting clothing and other personal care products to those who need them. These are just a few examples of charity.

The people you least expect may need a bit of charity to keep going. Many are living off the last bit of money they have or living in their cars, or worse. 

We are lucky to have many resources or Charities here in Larimer and Weld that are available to those who need it. This year has been particularly difficult for many families. If you can give please consider doing so. If you are in need of assistance don't hesitate to ask for help. 

We are doing a couple of things to give back this year. We are going to collect food for the food bank and we have created "You've Been Gifted" Baskets for kids in our community. It's like the "You've Been Boo'd basket but for the holidays. 

We will be giving out 100 baskets to families.

These baskets are a way to help keep the Spirit of Christmas for some of the families in our community. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the "You've Been Gifted" project visit the article here. 

We are also excited for NoCo Vitual Farmers Market and FOCO Cafe. They have a great program going on now to help feed those in our community.

The Larimer County Food Bank and The Weld County Food Bank are needing donations as well. 

There are many wonderful Charities that you can support or ask for assistance from. 

Showing our kids how to be charitable is a gift that will teach them compassion, empathy, and open their world in ways that you can't imagine.

Rising Tides Lift Ships. Let's Lift Some Ships This Holiday. 

 Keep a Watchful Eye! 

We are beginning to do our own events online soon. Based on some fun new ideas and some community staples we are looking at adding some Facebook live and YouTube content as well as working on how to put together a Preschool Fair online! Keep an eye out for details! 

The calendar will slowly begin to repopulate with in-person events and we will keep virtual events too. Many of the usual events we would normally see this year have been canceled or reimagined and will not resume again till next year. Keep an eye out I will be verifying events asap and regularly. 

We will update you as we get information. Most updates will happen on Facebook and here. 

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Wishing you Love, Light, and fun for the week (and your life) ahead! 

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Love, Live and Be Fierce for what you believe, 

Melissa Shrader 

Editor and Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid

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