Loveland Public Library Is A Treasure Trove of Educational Resources

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid September 6, 2020

Can you imagine a reading program like the summer reading challenges all school year long? 

Yep, Loveland Public Library is offering a montly challenge for kids to participate in. 

It's called Kids 365!  

Kids can pick up a printed log every month(or download and print from our website), which includes reading and other activities. If they complete it, they can redeem it for a prize at the beginning of the next month. Unlike our summer program, there is no registration or tracking anything online. 

What else is the library doing? 

Surprise Reads! 

Surprise Reads is a new service offered by Loveland Library’s children’s librarians. Families can request a “bag” of surprise reads. Children’s staff will then gather 10 books per bag. Once the items are gathered and are ready they will receive an email stating their hold is ready for pick up.

For full details and to request books people can click here.  

Teens aren't left out when it comes to fun bags. 

Monthly Activity bags are available! 

Visit the Teen Hangout to get your Activity Bag featuring robots, experiments and more. No registration required it's first come first served. 

There are several resources and classes for all ages. To find out more follow this link.