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By Alexa Vasquez, Founder/CEO and the NOCOVFM Team August 17, 2020

In March of 2020, Alexa Vasquez, founder of (NOCOVFM), NOCO Virtual Farmers Market, found out that all local farmers markets and festivals would be postponed until further notice. She panicked, who wouldn’t, when your lively hood depended on facing and interacting with your customers.

In an attempt to survive and continue to provide for her growing family, she found she was also helping other local businesses in the same situation not only survive, but to thrive. This concept turned into a greater mission, past survival mode and into growth mode.

Within two days of the COVID 19 order that cancelled all public events until further notice, Ms. Vasquez created and founded the very first virtual farmers market Facebook group. A group that has since then grown into what is now called “an accidental business.” She had no idea at the time, that her growing Facebook group would turn into a business, and that she, in fact, would become the very first Virtual Farmers Market in Colorado.

Ms. Vasquez’s mission was to provide the local community with wholesome foods and artisan products from local farmers, small businesses and makers. Ms. Vasquez’s vision grew from her first delivery order of 10 to a full blown business that continues to this day.

Ms. Vasquez’s mission still remains to this day as she continues to connect local businesses with the community, thereby allowing everyone to experience a healthier lifestyle by providing them with wholesome farm-to-table food, healthy products, for the skin and body, and local handmade gifts and art. No longer do consumers need to worry about how much or how little the supermarket shelves have in stock. There is no supply chain shortages when you buy and support local. The only thing that runs out is the food that has passed the season, but as the seasons change, so do the farm-to-table products that NOCO Virtual Farmers Market website continues to supply.

The online market is a year round market, and continues to supply healthy, wholesome food to the public all year long. From fresh strawberries in the Spring to Fall pumpkins, to Holiday goodies, to Winter specials, the NOCO Virtual Farmers Market website continues to support the local business and the community with their large assortment of products and services.

Ms Vasquez continues to grow the company in small and meaningful ways. Since the days of selling on Facebook, to moving to a small website, followed by adding on a larger server to accommodate the growing need, Ms. Vasquez now finds she wants to move things even further and improve the current website to make it user friendly for consumers and easier for vendors to continue to add products, manage their inventory and to showcase and supply their amazing products to the public. (Stay tuned for a new website, coming in mid-September, just in time for the upcoming holiday season).

What Ms. Vasquez has learned from her journey, is that locally grown food and artisan products keep communities healthy, and now more than ever, residents want to support artisans, farmers and small businesses. For this reason, NOCO Virtual Farmers Market will be available year round as an alternative to shopping in big box locations, large online platforms that source their products from unknown places, and/or from suppliers who bring products from places so afar that they remain fresh for a day or two at best. When you shop local, your food is coming from your community farmer or producer directly to you, and your orders are delivered by an honest, woman founded, family run, small business that only seeks high quality vendors who are sustainable, organic, and chemical and pesticide free.

NOCO Virtual Farmers Market does not stop at the farmer, they know that by supporting the local artisan they are enriching the community; therefore, NOCOVFM seeks artists who hand make their craft or art, and as a business NOCOVFM takes pride in having a portfolio of talented artists who provide unique work for the community.

The NOCOVFM website also provides an extension to Northern Colorado by supporting small businesses. If you are a small business and would like to partner with NOCO Virtual Farmers Market, please reach out. By joining our multi-vendor website NOCOVFM helps small businesses grow by ensuring the public will learn about them and they have the opportunity to provide high quality services to communities both near and far.

Shopping local not only helps communities, but it keeps local economies vibrant, strong and growing. No one wants a community with vacant shops and closed businesses. Northern Colorado is a huge business hub and it brings in many tourists, transferees and companies to the area each year. Shopping local prevents the “ghost town” feel from happening and keeps local businesses and communities alive and thriving.

NOCO Virtual Farmers Market wants the public to know that they value living healthy, loving life and shopping local and they want to continue to build awareness to that fact. As a matter of fact, the local farmers on their website are washing the dirt off their hands before cooking their very own dinners; NOCOVFM vendors choose to earn less and face less exposure in the marketplace, because they refuse to compete with big box companies, they want to keep their products clean and safe for consumption and because they don’t want to compromise the quality of their very own products, they too support local.

“We want the people of Northern Colorado to know we are here for them so they won’t have to leave their homes whether they are healthy or sick. After the pandemic, we want communities to know we will continue to support them with our doorstep delivery services all year round, from the warm days of Spring to the coldest January night, NOCO Virtual Farmers Market will remain open to serve the community and support the local business, artisan and farmer.” 

Alexa Vasquez, Founder/CEO

As a company, NOCOVFM takes great pride in honesty, transparency and integrity; their customers and vendors appreciate them because of these values. 

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Live, Love, Shop Local… for all Your Bear Necessities!

With lots of love, health and happiness,

Alexa Vasquez, Founder/CEO and the NOCOVFM Team