14 Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween.

Plus 2 Bonus Tips!

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid October 25, 2021

Halloween isn't canceled! 

They all love to go out and collect candy and enjoy some fun with their friends. This year is a bit different with COVID Pandemic. You may want to go out and you may want to stay in. CDC says trick or treating is a high risk activity. If you do go out it's easy for kids to get so excited they don't consider safety. Here are a few tips for keeping everyone safe at any age. 

1.     Use CDC requirements to be in public. 

  • Do not gather in large groups. 
  • Stay 6'-12' apart
  • Wash hands often or wear gloves (still wash) 
  • Wear a mask covering your nose and mouth

2.     Young children should not trick-or-treat alone. If you can't go with your child make sure they are with a trusted parent. 

3.     Older children should have a route in mind and not vary from it if possible (we know how kids are). This will help you know where they will be at all times as well as when they will be home. Make sure they have a cell phone to contact you in case of emergency (or you can contact them).

4.     Always incorporate a reflective component to your kids costumes. Reflective tape on your child's costume, a flashlight, a glow stick or some safety element in the costume will help make your kids more visible to cars.

5.     Do NOT let your kids go though back alley's or places that are private. This invites all kinds of trouble and can also be trespassing. Make sure everyone stays in well lit, well populated areas.

6.     Stop only at houses where the lights are on. Light's on means the occupants are not only participating in the Halloween tradition but they still have candy or some sort of treat available. Especially if they are out later. Make sure to look for the Teal Pumpkins if your child has an allergy or a purple pumpkin for epilepsy awareness to make a donation. 

7.     Be wary of pets. Always ask to pet dogs or other pets.

8.     Remember Stranger Danger. Never go into the home or get in the car of a stranger.

9.     Walk, don’t run. Stay on well-lit streets and walk on the sidewalk. Use a crosswalk when available and never cross the street between cars. It is dark and not everyone see's well at night. 

10.   Make sure their masks (both costume and PPE) fit properly. Make sure the eye holes allows them to see fully. Don’t let them wear a mask that is too lose as it can slip and block their vision. Don't put them in a consume that is to tight as it can be constricting.  Make sure kids are comfortable with a mask. Make up works much better if you can manage it and it works good with PPE. Keep in mind make up will rub off on PPE masks. 

11.   Keep costumes up from the ground. Tripping can ruin a fun night of Trick or Treating. Test Make up for allergic reactions and remove before trick or treating to 1avoid irritations. 

12.   Keep props flexible. Use rubber swords, knives etc if possible not hard plastic. 

13.   Watch for Jack O' Lanterns with candles in them. Especially if their costume is long or has loose threads/TP (Mummy) or other flammable items on it. Think of cat tails or other long features on the costume. 

14.   ALWAYS look at the candy they collect throughout the night prior to eating it especially if they visited houses that they don't have a history with.

15. Watch yard props. Some are triggered by movement and can startle even the most seasoned trick or treater if distracted. Make sure they are aware of their surroundings. Props can also be tripping hazards. 

16. Don't forget when you check treats to make sure they are good you can also pick treats to give the Switch Witch or so go to Candy Buy Back

17. If you or your teen are driving - watch for kiddo's not in reflective clothing. Inexperienced drivers might want to stay home according to the National Safety council  (use your judgment). 

NOTE: Make sure to have FUN! Don't get caught up in safety but be as aware as you can. The big decision this year is if you go out or not. If you do follow the CDC guidelines for safety. 

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