Find Your Family Fun! We Have A New Family Member.

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid April 7, 2019

Welcome To Publishers Corner, 

Well, This last week was a wild ride. We got a new addition to the family. Jolene. She's part Husky and part Healer. Four months old and teething. She was surrendered at 11 months to a shelter in Texas where they have an overload of dogs. JoJo (her nickname) had been either sheltered or fostered since then.  Before we got her we were talking about if we were ready or a pet. If you've ever owned a pet of any kind you know it can be hard to make the decision to get a new one and begin that journey one more time. So many things to think of. Are we ready to make a commitment that a pet again? What kind of pet to get? Do we want our hearts broken again when they have to leave us?

Do we want to go through the joys and the pain? Watching the puppy run, jump and tumble?  Playing Tug of War with them. Knowing they are  waiting to warmly greet us when we get home. Hiking, Walking, Fetching, licking our faces till we can't take it anymore.  Resting their heads on our laps. Then there is the inevitable. Aging. Watching our pet have trouble doing the things that brought them joy as a puppy. Running, Hiking becoming tougher. Sleeping more than playing. Health problems. Then the broken heart when we know it's time to let go. Time for our friend and family member to go over the Rainbow Bridge. 

To me it's worth all the pain and sadness as its such a small part of the overall experience.  Having something that you can love and that loves you back unconditionally. Trusting, loving, and loyal. All true. 

 It seemed that it was just the right time and the right place and just the right pet. Just the right time that it landed almost 1 year after Furby passed.

Our new journey is just beginning...JoJo is already a wonderful addition to the Shrader household.. 

Keep an eye out! 

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Melissa Shrader 

Editor and Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid

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