Find Your Family Fun! Don't Beat Yourself Up Doing It all.

Pick Your Most Important Things & Make Them Special.

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid December 2, 2018

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It's the most wonderful time of the year. Santa is everywhere. The elf has tons of hiding and fun. There are friends to visit, food to make, family coming to stay etc. We as parents want everything perfect for the holidays so our kids can have the best most memorable holiday. 

How do we balance EVERYTHING on our plates? There are many thoughts on this, but for me, I break the holiday (any holiday but especially Christmas) into smaller segments and plan. 

I pick some of our favorite traditions we love and make sure they are scheduled and on the calendar. Some of our favorite things for example are the Budweiser Lights, Winter Wonderlights, Windsor Wonderland, Palmer Open House and Earls Floral Open House. We put the events that have only one date in the calendar and they are set. We schedule in the others with several dates in between other events such as friends parties, school events (holiday programs), Classes, family arrivals etc. 

Then tasks like baking, decorating, charity etc. Get those on the calendar too. 

Then the open days we do our usual day to day things such as cleaning, shoping etc.

 The difference is that we mix in a little "holiday" in each day to create some memories too. Baking needs to be done but have fun with it. Buy that extra gold sprinkle and marshmallow. 

Add little fun things along the way. Maybe a foam craft, painting, etc. Reading that special book, or that special (small) toy or coloring book. Something from time to time just to add a little fun, & give the special sparkle of the holidays. 

We do a little craft, read a special book, sing songs in the car, dance around the house (and occasionally in stores too!). It doesn't have to be a big display. The smaller the better, the easier the better. Then you can do it often and enjoy. 

Bring the kids in and make cookies but don't panic when the flour flys! There's bound to be a bit of a mess with kids so don't sweat it. Family adds stress too, before you loose it take a step back. No one will remember all the tiny detail in everything. Some will appreciate it. What everyone will remember is the fun right? If you yell (or really loose it) what will they remember? I know we all loose it from time to time as this is a stressful holiday.  Don't sweat that either. Make sure your kids/family know why you were upset and apologize as necessary. 

Remember this: Before you stress out over everything make sure you don't put too much on your plate. Make sure you have some down time for everyone - including yourself. If something gets too much take a step back and breathe. I know it sounds too simple but really just take a few deep breaths. You will be able to think better and react calmer. 

Above all be forgiving. Forgiving of your family, friends, people driving crazy and most of all be forgiving of yourself. 

Be fun, make is simple, be kind. 

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