Find Your Family Fun! Okee Dokee & Halloween Fun! πŸ‘» πŸ‘½ πŸ€–πŸ€  🀑

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid October 21, 2018

Welcome Everyone, 

I have to say there are a ton of fun things to do this time of year. Pumpkin patches, haunted houses, parties, cooking, crafting, exploring nature and enjoying the colors changing. We also have Skiing coming and Thanksgiving. So very much to do. 

I will have another giveaway shortly for Finding Neverland and maybe some fun goodies from conference too! 

Keep an eye out for all the Halloween fun in my calendar, the guide and on Facebook too. 

I'm adding some great businesses to the Fall Resource Guide too! Be sure to check out the businesses in the guide. They are all local and they are all wonderful! Each one offers something unique. I'm sure you know not all snowflakes are the same? Our local businesses are just like snowflakes. Each is unique and special in it's own way. I can tell you exactly what makes each one special. If you have questions about any of them feel free to send me an email and I'll help match you up with the perfect one for what you need. 

What Halloween tips tricks and stories do I have in the newsletter? This week I have the a couple of great articles on creative ideas for your  costumes, Pet Safety, No Knife Pumpkin decorating, Holiday sign language, National Geographic Photo Ark at FCMOD, Women Who Rise Conference, and a chance to win tickets to Okee Dokee Brothers.  If you are looking for some great ideas check out my Pintrest site for more fun!

This week! 

Halloween STEM workshop, Dia de los Muertos Ofrendas workshop, National Geographic Photo Ark, Halloween Party, and TONS of Halloween fun! . Check out the details in the calendar. 

This Month! 

Garbage Garage programs all of them! Holiday Twin Trunk or Treat, Spook-a-thon, National Geographic Photo Ark, Bowling for Beautiful Music, and Halloween Enchanted Garden. Find them all in the calendar. 

Don't forget to check out Facebook too for other events not always on the calendar. 

There will be a storytime this month too! We are planning a Christmas Event as well. Not to mention I'm working on some great events for 2019. The Preschool & Kids Activities Fair January 26th. The Summer Camp Fair will be in March. I'm looking at doing a Back To School fair next year too. 

If you have other things you want to see Mac Kid do drop me an email. If you want to partner with Mac Kid I'd love to hear from you.

Remember with any event, If the weather looks questionable - Always check in with the event itself to be sure the event is still on! You can call or text me as well. ESPECIALLY IN SPRING AND FALL.

If you have the newsletter you only have part of the fun! I post on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram with holiday and everyday crafts, recipes, special offers, contests, news and new events.

Wishing you Love, Light & fun for the week ahead!  

Melissa Shrader

Editor and Publisher FortCollins &Loveland Macaroni Kid

 Please feel free to contact me with questions suggestions.

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