Halloween Signing May Help You Find A New Friend.

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid October 17, 2022

We met some great families on our summer vacation to South Dakota. One of those great families had a beautiful daughter with whom my little pumpkin made fast friends with. This little girl couldn't speak, she used sign language to communicate. To my amazement my daughter picked up a few things pretty quick. This article was inspired by that wonderful little girl and her amazing family. I hope you enjoy it and can use some of these signs to find a new friend or just expand your current sign language vocabulary.

Learn to some Halloween words in American Sign Language                            

Halloween – Place both curved hands in front of your eyes (or in the “h” shape) and open them up. 

Pumpkin – Flick your middle finger on the back of your closed fist 2x.

Ghost/Spirit – Pinch both your index or middle finger and thumbs together on both hands. Move the upper hand upwards in a spiral.

Black Cat – Sign BLACK (bring your pointing finger up and pull it across one eye brown to the other eyebrow), then CAT (take your first finger and thumb and pull them together in a pinching motion by your lips pulling away from your face - somewhat like playing with whiskers).

Witch – Take your right hand at your nose with your first finger in a hook shape, put your right hand in the same shape, and bring your hands together.

Monster –Bring your hands in a shape of a claw at shoulder level and act like a monster.

Spider – cross both hands at the wrist, one hand on top of the other and wiggle your fingers like the legs of a spider.

Candy – Point your index finger to your cheek and twist.

Watch Laura with ASL Halloween Signs demonstrate Halloween signs.


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