Summer Bucket List - What to do Before Summer Is Over

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid July 22, 2018

Summer Bucket List - What to do Before Summer Is Over

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid
Jul 29, 2018

I love having some general ideas and something special to look forward to during any season. For summer I use this list. It has some wonderful ideas and it can spark some other fun ideas too. Pick your favorites and maybe add some of your own. I have a PDF attached for you to print if you like. 

Another Idea I've done before is to print this list and post it on the fridge so everyone can write their ideas or circle some they want to do. I've also taken a can decorated it and clipped clothes pins around the edge with an activity written on it. I do this with the biggies like go to the zoo. Something that takes an afternoon or a day. When we do the task we un-clip it from the edge and put it in the can. 

Visit a beach 

Go to the Pool 

Camp in the Backyard 

Do a Lemonaid stand 

Family Bike ride 



Toss rocks in a pond 

Do a Picnic 

Slumber party

Visit a museum

Visit an Art Gallery 

Walk Night on the Town Loveland 

Do Foodie walk in Fort Collins 

Have a garage sale

Get Ice cream at a "special" place 

Do a Drive in Movie

Go to a fair

Visit a circus 

Have a Rootbeer float 

Make S'mores 

See a baseball game


Make a craft for the birds/or with nature items

Go fishing 

Go Stargazing

Make homemade pizza 

Have a summer party with friends 

Take a day trip 

Do a spa day or play day

Watch a sunrise 

Watch fireworks 

Plant a garden

Build a fort 

Run through the sprinklers 

Play games outside

Make a cherry or peach pie 

Make breakfast in bed for someone 

Have a watermelon or cherry seed spitting contest 

Write to a pen pal 

Join a summer reading program 

Do a summer camp 

Make slime 

Do a puzzle 


Go to the zoo 

Go to the botanic gardens 

Join a CSA 

Do a cannon ball into a pool

Make or Eat popsicles 

Visit a Farmers Market 

Run through a splash pad 

Take your dog on a hike