Find Your Family Fun! 4th of July Fun and Games For The Whole Family.

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Loveland Macaroni Kid July 1, 2018

Welcome Everyone! 

Do you have any summer traditions? The holiday bar-b-q's the 4th of July Fireworks run to Wyoming, Family get together on someone's birthday? We have a few ourselves. We used to go and do a Firework's run to Wyoming to get the big fireworks etc. We do still go to our favorite fireworks place and pick up the "Colorado Safe" items where nothing leaves the ground but the best part of our trip is our visit to Vedauwoo. There is a bunch of fantastic trails and nature paths for all abilities. We go to the picnic area and do some hiking and a bit of bouldering. If you are a rock climber it's worth the trip too. They have beginner to advanced opportunities for climbing. If you are interested here are some reviews of the area.  Camping is available too if you want to expand your stay. Be sure to bring your bike for a bit of Mountain biking too. I've heard that some have found fossils in the rocks too. It's a great place to bring your picnic and stretch your legs or maybe plan a weekend trip to explore the creatures, climb a few rocks, and enjoy the stars in the evening sky. No matter how long you stay this is always a hit for our family.

What 4th of traditions do you have? Are you a quite stay at home family or do you have your friends and/or family over and celebrate in a big way. Either way I have some fun ideas on Pinterest for you to find crafts, food etc that will help you make the day festive. 

Don't forget the Cherry Pie Celebration on the 7th! Downtown Loveland turns into a gathering place for Individuals and families alike to enjoy a great slice of pie and ice cream! It's a great way to enjoy some local music, eat some great food, enjoy the weather, and most importantly meet some new friends! We go every year and my outgoing little girl has made 2 friends there that are true friends. You may see us running around! If you do say Hi and we can do a selfie together! 

There is still time to get into a summer camp or to sign up for the summer reading programs. There are camps everywhere offering everything from Coding to Painting, Cooking to Reading and more! If you don’t have any camps set up or if you are looking for more just check the Summer Camp guide for some great ones. If you don’t see a camp or if you have questions just ask. If you don't want to do a camp, or if you are on a tight budget, find my Pinterest "Create Your Own Summer Camp" set of ideas and links to great experiments, reading ideas, crafts and more! Read my guide on 2018 Summer Reading Do More Than Keep The “Summer Slide” At Bay. 

Remember with any event, If the weather looks questionable - Always check in with the event itself to be sure the event is still on! You can call or text me as well. ESPECIALLY IN SPRING AND FALL.

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