What? You Don't Take Me Time To Take Care Of Yourself? Give Posh A Try

Posh is an inexpensive way to take care of yourself with wonderful products.

By Melissa Shrader May 23, 2017

I have to say, as the editor/publisher, marketing, sales, writer etc. of 2 Macaroni Kid newsletters (Loveland & Fort Collins), mom of an incredibly energetic 7 year old girl, wife to a husband with shift hours (on 3 off 4 on 4 off 3 – 12 hour days), Pampered Chef Rep, Legal Shield Rep, and working within the community, it takes a bit of juggling to schedule a bit of “Me” time.

I ran into “Posh” by accident really. I know this great Director of a Preschool that I work with for the annual Preschool & Kid’s activities fair. She is crazy busy too. Guess what, she added another thing to her resume. Posh Rep. She was wonderful enough to recognize that Mac Mama needed a bit of pampering for herself and offered a few samples to check it out.
Being the Mom that I am I took the samples and tried them with my daughter. It was a riot! She is new to the pampering thing and it’s been a while for me too. So we got out some robes, tied up our hair and just had fun. She giggled when I put the treatments on but loved it!

I opened up the first sample of “Complexion Perfection” and absolutely LOVED the smell. Part of the pamper experience it the aromatherapy which creates the relaxation and mind set of the experience. My daughter love the aroma too. It was easy to apply and remove. The next step we used was the Face Mask “All I’ve Avo Wanted” (great name). The feel of the mask was wonderful. It was cool and deeply moisturizing. Loved this step. After a bit (about 8 min) we removed the mask. I noticed right away the smooth texture of my face, the moist hydrated feel, and the brightness in my skin. I followed up the treatment with “Moisturize Nine One One”. Both Kaity and I loved the bright citrus scent with just the right amount of hydration. After a few hours (yes I’m that person) I took some time to see if I still had a brighter completion, soft skin to the touch, etc. I found my face was well hydrated, still bright, not greasy. And better yet, my husband even noticed!

The whole process didn’t take long maybe 20 minutes because we were taking our time. You can speed up the process or truly enjoy your “Me” time by extending it out as long as you desire.
After munchkin went to bed I took some time to finally get my shower in (tough some days!). I tried the “Black Listed Body Scrub” which I loved too! It was hydrating, and refreshing. After my shower I tried the “Honey Honey body butter”. The aroma and texture of this smooth fragrant body Butter is wonderful and it makes the “Me” time just a bit more special. A great relaxing treatment for late in the day.
Posh is a great product and very inexpensive! Products under $25 to keep yourself pampered and refreshed. I would highly recommend doing a “Posh Pamper Day or Night” for yourself. It’s a great way to get your “Me” time with just a little money and a little time if that is all you can spare, but if you can make more time to relax, rejuvenate & refocus. I know you need it!
I loved it and I think you will too. Great product perfect price point (under $25 to pamper yourself is awesome!).

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Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher
Fort Collins Macaroni Kid, Loveland Macaroni Kid

A note From Molly Griggs Posh.

Why did MOLLY join Perfectly Posh?? I get that question A LOT!! Because frankly, I'm BUSY!! We ALL are busy. I'm a mom of three kid’s ages 12, 9, and 7 and married to an amazing supportive husband for almost 13 years. I spent ten years active duty military and I'm currently still in the National Guard. I'm a Director of a Preschool, and I sell Posh... but WHY?? Because I recently realized if you do not take care of yourself you are no good to anyone else. I MEAN THAT!! Nobody is EVER going to pull you aside and say "Hey, I see you are over worked, go ahead, put your feet up, pamper yourself, and refresh!" Nope, it won't happen unless YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN!! So why did I start selling Perfectly Posh? I promise you it's not because I'm just trying to make a paycheck (I have two other jobs). It's more than that, it's because I want all you ladies to PLEASE put time aside for YOU! We have amazing, all natural products, all $25 and under. I would not waste your time, I don't have time to waste!! YOU DESERVE IT contact me for free samples, contact me for products on a budget, contact me if you are interested in joining my team and spreading the "you deserve it" trend, because no matter how busy I am, I want to help you make time for YOU!!
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